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Shelly Cloud is the intelligent home control system – the app is your mobile controller, enabling you to conveniently access all connected devices. Whether it is the air conditioner, a light switch, the coffee machine or something else, with the Shelly Cloud app you can define individual settings for desired times or specific occasions, control the alarm system or regulate the lightning and heating.

To get started, search for the Shelly Cloud application, which is available for iOS and Android, and install it on your mobile phone or tablet. Make an account and add all your Shelly devices. After that, tell your Google Assistant: “Ok Google, talk to Shelly Cloud”. You must enable the Shelly Cloud skill, after which you will be redirected automatically to а log in form, from where you have to type the credentials to your Shelly Cloud account. After you login, just say: “Ok Google, talk to Shelly Cloud”. Then you can simply start giving commands to your Shelly devices.

Use the following requests to control your Shellys:

To set certain timeout to a device just say:
Turn/Switch/Power ON [device name] in [#] minute/minutes.
Turn/Switch/Power OFF [device name] for [#] minute/minutes.
Ex: “Turn ON light in 5 minutes”

Turn ON/OFF devices:
Turn/Switch/Power ON [device name]
Turn/Switch/Power OFF [device name]
Ex: “Power ON iron.”

Turn Roller On:
Open/Pull Up/Close/Pull Down/Stop [device name]
Ex: “Pull up curtains”

Give commands to group devices:
Device group [group_name] ON.
Device group [group_name] OFF.
Ex: “Device group lights off”


Change lighting colors:

Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] TO Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Purple/Orange/Magenta
Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] COLOR Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Purple/Orange/Magenta

Set Light Percentage:
Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] to [number from 1 to 100] percent
Ex: “Set Lights to 60 percent”


Set Light Conditions:
Set/Turn/Make/Change [device name] to cool/cold/white/normal/daylight/warm/night
Ex: “Set Light to daylight”


Get consumption readings from device:
How much is [device name] consumption?
Ex: “How much is air conditioner consumption”

To end the conversation just say one of the following:

“End conversation”
“End communication”

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