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Shelly Cloud Skill offers the most comprehensive voice controlled smart home experience with Alexa. Control all your Shelly devices hands free. To get started, open your Alexa app and go to the skills tab. Then in the search field type “Shelly Cloud”, click on it and press “Enable Skill”. When the Shelly Cloud Skill is enabled, you will be redirected automatically to the, from where you have to login to your account. After you login, just say: “Alexa, search for new devices.” Your Amazon Alexa enabled device will scan for all new Shelly devices.

You may need to rename your devices in the Shelly app in order for Alexa to recognize them more easily. In order to obtain better control performance, please specify a clear one word name for each device in the Shelly Cloud application like “Light”, “Coffee”, “Iron” and so on.

After naming and discovering the Shelly device(s), you can turn them on and off or control the brightness level. For example, if you have a device named Lamp or a group named Bedroom, you can say things like:

“Alexa, turn on the Lamp”
“Alexa, turn off the Lamp”
“Alexa, set Bedroom to warm white”
“Alexa, set Lamp to 30%”
“Alexa, what is the temperature of Bedroom?”

All Shelly Smart Home Skill Supported Commands:

Turn ON device using Alexa Skill
“Alexa, turn on the [device name]”

Turn OFF device using Alexa Skill
“Alexa, turn off the [device name]”


Set COLOR using Alexa Skill
“Alexa, set the [device name] to [color]”
Example: “Alexa, set the bedroom to red”
Example: “Alexa, change the kitchen to the color blue”

Set light TEMPERATURE using Alexa Skill
“Alexa, change the [device name] to [shade of light]”
Example: “Alexa, make the living room warm white”
Example: “Alexa, set the kitchen to daylight”

Set light PERCENTAGE using Alexa Skill
“Alexa, set [name] to [number percent]”

Requests the TEMPERATURE reading of the specified device
“Alexa, what is the temperature of [device name]?”

You can use the skill with all Shelly products – Shelly Plug, Shelly 4Pro, Shelly 2, Shelly Bulb etc. For more information about the Shelly product line, please visit

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