Shelly Qubino Wave 1
Shelly Qubino Wave 1
Shelly Qubino Wave 1
Shelly Qubino Wave 1
Shelly Qubino Wave 1
Shelly Qubino Wave 1
Shelly Qubino Wave 1
Shelly Qubino Wave 1
Shelly Qubino Wave 1
Shelly Qubino Wave 1

Shelly Qubino Wave 1PM

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Z-Wave™ smart switch, 1 channel 16 A, with power metering

Control and measure power consumption for a wide range of home appliances and office equipment (lights, power lines, security systems, heaters, water heaters, etc.) from anywhere


introduction to z-wave

Shelly Qubino works on Z-Wave

 By using Z-Wave, smart home products can seamlessly communicate with each other, regardless of their brand or platform, thanks to a centralized smart hub! Shelly Qubino devices work on the latest Z-Wave chip generation (S800), one of the most popular standardized technologies for smart homes in the world. 

*Z-wave devices have specific requirements in order to function correctly, such as the necessity to use a supported Z-wave hub. 
For more information, please visit the official Z-wave website: 


introduction to z-wave 

Works with any Z-Wave gateway

Wave 1 is retrofit and designed to fit behind any switch or socket, instantly transforming it into a smart one.  Once installed, include it in your Z-Wave network (Z-Wave gateway is required) and control connected appliances from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Shelly Qubino devices work with over 4000 Z-Wave certified devices and gateways. 


Endless use applications

use cases
Automate the lights and make them follow your schedule

Make any light switch smart with Shelly Wave 1 and control them through your phone or with a voice assistant. Use your hub's app to set automated scenes based on an hour or sunset/sunrise. This way you can set the lights on the porch to switch on around the time you come home from work, or the lights in your hallway to switch off once it is past your family’s bed hour. And don’t worry – light switches can still be used manually to suit the needs of everyone in your home.


use cases
Set up associations and let your home welcome you

Configure Wave 1 and other devices in your Z-Wave network and create associations between them for direct communication without a gateway. Automate your door lock and lights and set a rule: whenever the front door is unlocked, the lobby/hallway lights turn on.

use cases
Automate your irrigation system for effortless gardening

Keeping your garden green with a busy lifestyle can be challenging, but with an automated irrigation system, you can effortlessly manage your garden‘s watering needs with a tap on your smartphone, even when you‘re on holiday. For complete peace of mind, simply set the schedule, and the sprinklers will automatically turn on and off. Yes, it‘s that easy.

use cases
Control your garage door remotely

Have you closed the garage door after leaving your home? From now on, simply make sure by checking on your smartphone. Wave 1 has operational voltages of 12V DC and 24-48V DC, which make it perfect for garage door control.

  • Dry contacts
  • Extremely low power consumption: 0.3 W.
  • Latest technology: Z-Wave 800 Series
  • Z-Wave frequency band: 868.4 MHz (CEPT countries)
  • Automatic set-up with SmartStart
  • Security 2 Authenticated for the highest level of security
  • Supports over-the-air firmware updates (OTA)
  • Works with Z-Wave certified gateways and over 4,000 Z-Wave devices

*A gateway (smart hub) is not included. A gateway (smart hub) is required for the configuration of the device.

Product Details

Power supply AC
110-240 V AC
24 months
Device temperature protection
Power supply DC
24-48 V DC / 12 V DC ± 10%
Dry contacts
Power measurement
Operational temperature
-20°C to 40°C
Weekly Schedule

About Shelly Group PLC

Shelly Group PLC is an innovative company founded in Bulgaria with the goal of making life easier for modern people. The company is devoted to the development of innovative IoT solutions and products. In two years only, our team of young talented developers, together with a strong sales team, built a whole new trend in Home Automation and in Wearable devices. The main development lines are the Smart localization devices MyKi, Home Automation products Shelly and a line of Health Care products - MyKi Care. 35 mobile operators worldwide gave their trust to our products, and the number is growing!

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