Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T
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Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T
Shelly BLU H&T

Shelly BLU H&T

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Bluetooth-operated Temperature & Humidity sensor

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Shelly BLU H&T is a water/dust-resilient Bluetooth sensor that precisely measures temperature and humidity levels, both crucial for maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment

When integrated with additional Shelly devices, it enables smooth climate control automation, enhancing the overall comfort and well-being within your space

  1. Detects and reports temperature and humidity (free data storage)
  2. IP54 rated - water and dust-resilient
  3. Battery 1 x 3 V CR2032 - included
  4. Long Battery life - up to 3 years
  5. Encryption​ (high level of security)
  6. Beacon mode (can be used for presence detection)
  7. No HUB required! Easy control through the Shelly Smart Control app, BTHome protocol, or various platforms
  8. Can be integrated into automation scenarios and scenes
  • To use this device with the Shelly Smart Control app, a gateway is necessary
  • Compatible gateways are Shelly BLU Gateway, or any Shelly Plus, Pro or Gen3 device (excluding sensors).

Product Details

Battery life
12 - 18 months
Illumination measurement
Motion detection
24 month
13 g
Operational temperature
-20 °C to 60 °C
Device power consumption
< 1 W
Radio frequency
2400 - 2484 MHz
Radio signal power
up to 50 m outdoors and up to 30 m indoors (depending on the building materials)
37x37x10 mm
Bluetooth RF band
2400 - 2483.5 MHz
Bluetooth maks. RF moč
< 4 dBm
Bluetooth range
Up to 10 m indoors and 30 m outdoors

About Shelly Group PLC

Shelly Group PLC is an innovative company founded in Bulgaria with the goal of making life easier for modern people. The company is devoted to the development of innovative IoT solutions and products. In two years only, our team of young talented developers, together with a strong sales team, built a whole new trend in Home Automation and in Wearable devices. The main development lines are the Smart localization devices MyKi, Home Automation products Shelly and a line of Health Care products - MyKi Care. 35 mobile operators worldwide gave their trust to our products, and the number is growing!

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